Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Have Fun Storming the Castle!

I have F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. finished the scrapbook album from my parents' trip to Okinawa in 2008.  Yay!!  Here's the last page:

So, when hubs and I first moved to Japan, we were getting on the plane to leave Texas and the last thing my dad said to us was "Have fun storming the castle!" which is like, one of a zillion awesome quotable lines from The Princess Bride (I'm sure I don't have to tell you that, right?) and has since become our traditional parting line.  So it seemed natural to use that for the last page of the album, plus I had that picture of the awesome shisa at the Ryukyu glass factory that just didn't fit in with any of the other pages and I think it's perfect here.  So this page makes me happy.

Here's the first page:

The album itself is the DCWV Far East one and Mom got me the matching paper pad, so I used it for the first page with some Midnight Muse letters.  I wanted to really highlight Okinawa, so that's why it's in all caps and its own box.

And then here's the first two-page layout in the book:

The letter on the left was one my mom sent out to a bunch of her friends as they were preparing to go on the trip; my parents lived in Okinawa in the '70s and are still friends with several families they met there.  The right-hand page is a brief summary of what we did each day during their visit; I was 3/4 done with it and had things stuck down when I realized somehow I'd missed a day and I had to redo that whole last column.  But I got it done.  And now the entire album is finished, so again, YAY!

I won't bother with doing full recipes for the pages here, no stamps or anything, but if you really wanna know you can check out my Splitcoast gallery for all the deets.  Thanks for stopping by today!


Tanya said...

That's a great way to incorporate a parting tradition! :) This is very cool!

CCsMom said...

We DID have fun storming the castle! You are much farther ahead than I am in scrapbooking. Maybe when I retire . . . whenever that might be.