Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wonderland Sign Co.

I've got some more Mad Hatter tea party decorations to share today (which you may have already seen on my other blog).  Still, they're paper crafty so I thought I'd share them here.  (Plus, I haven't gotten my craft room back into working order yet.)

My front door sign is a little the worse for was super-windy the day of the tea party, so the sign kept coming off the door (even after I taped it to the door) so it went for a jaunt around the front yard and got rained on.

We had lots and lots of food at the tea party, so I made these little labels for everything.  Some were teapots and some were teacups, and they were all different colors.

One of my co-hosts made "Eat Me" and "Drink Me" labels in PowerPoint, and then we printed them off on light-colored cardstock and die cut with the Chalk Talk Framelits.  The "Drink Me" were for "potion" bottles (no one changed size at our party though) and the "Eat Me" ones were for the party favors--hat-shaped cookies packaged up with a tea bag for a snack later.

There's one part in Disney's Alice in Wonderland where Alice is wandering around and a whole bunch of signs appear saying things like Turn Back, Keep Out, etc.  So we made a whole bunch of signs to put up around the house.  For this one, we intentionally did poor spacing and then let some letters dangle because we figure the Mad Hatter wasn't paying strict attention while making his shop sign.

I cut out the letters for the signs and one of my friends stuck them all on; I told her it made me happy that she turned the S around backwards on this one.

She also wanted googly eyes for the Tulgey Wood sign, and luckily I had some in my stash.

I locked my dogs upstairs during the tea party, so I had this sign pointing up toward them.

Just some more decorations in the corner of the living room.  That's not even all the signs; we had Pool of Tears, Keep Out, Simply Impassable, Duchess' House (there's a scene in the book where Alice meets the duchess in her kitchen and complains that there's too much pepper in the soup), and probably a couple others I can't remember offhand.  I just took down all the signs yesterday.

That's it for me, Tweedle Dee just told me she wants to go for a walk.  Have a wonderful day!

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CCsMom said...

Walking the dog. Ha! I'm just getting here this morning -- it's rainy out and I'm thinking about my after-work activity instead of what's at hand here. I am going to a baby store to shop for something frilly for the baby shower next week!!! Fun times. LOVED your party and was so wishing I could've been there!!!