Wednesday, March 28, 2018

My New Craft Room

Howdy folks!  Since we just moved into our new house last month, I thought I'd take this opportunity to show you my new craft room.

It's PINK, which is part of the reason why this is my craft room and the neutral room is Ryan's.  I think his room is a little larger too, so it works out.  Anyway!  Photo above is taken from the doorway; this room is at the end of the house so it has windows on two different walls.  Along the far wall from the doorway, there's a bookshelf with all my photo boxes, half of which contain photos and the other half of which contain my cards, organized by theme.  I also have my old Stampin' Up! catalogs on one of the shelves. 

Next to that is the hutch I bought right before we left England; it's got my Big Shot on it, plus all my current dies and embossing folders.  There are a couple more photo boxes on the floor between the bookshelf and the hutch which have retired Big Shot stuff.  The shelves on the hutch have some photos and keepsakes, then a collection of Maleficents on top.  Inside the hutch I have more Sizzix dies (several alphabets), my old skool Sizzix machine (the red one with the lever to squish the dies), and my completed scrapbook pages that aren't yet in albums.

Last thing on the right is an old sewing machine table (the machine is folded into the table, I don't actually sew but I own more than one sewing machine, explain that one) with my retired ink pads on top.  Underneath that are some non-SU stamps and a laundry basket with retired ribbon, my heat gun, and a couple other odds and ends.

From the other side!  The filing cabinets are full to bursting with cardstock; current on the left, retired on the right.  These filing cabinets have been pretty beat up in all the moves we've done, but this time my hubs and father-in-law did some work on them and now I can actually open the drawers on that right file cabinet without feeling like I'm trying to pick up Thor's hammer.  It's pretty awesome.

My old cabinets (with doors) are now in the kitchen serving as pantries (because this kitchen was designed by someone who doesn't actually COOK, so there's a dearth of storage space and about half of what's there isn't really easily accessible), so I bogarted a couple of 6-foot bookshelves (and I've got a bunch of books now stuck in boxes while we're here).  So anyway, the bookshelves hold all my stamps, current and retired.  They're stacked two deep on some of the shelves; on the left are all my current stamps in the front, and on the right the alphabets are in front because I use those so often for my scrapbook pages.

In the corner, there's a 6-drawer green thing that has all my markers in it, organized by color family, plus sponges and a couple other things.  Then there's a plastic drawer tower that's got all kinds of things, like envelopes, stamps, embossing powder, tools, etc. in it.  These were initially on the other side, where the sewing machine is now, but I like having the markers more easily accessible so I switched their places.

I keep my acrylic blocks on my craft table, along with my paper trimmer and my current ink pads.  The blue boxes in the corner have scraps of Whisper White since I use that all the time.  Two more plastic drawer things at the end of the table next to the window with more odds and ends.

And here's the closet and the door into the room.  I have two of those shoe organizers where I put my punches, but the second one is still MIA so I just put up one with current punches and some retired ones that I still use pretty frequently.  Lots of goodies inside the closet; the metal shelving unit has some scrapbooks (completed and in progress), plus a lot of my cross stitch patterns and such.  The two green bins have more punches and some stuffed animals.

And here's the last corner, it's got a little alcove that was a good spot for another heavy duty metal shelving unit.  I tucked the Tinker Bell blanket over the shelves because my 12x12 cardstock and retired patterned paper live on those shelves, and I figure the blanket will protect them from sun damage from the windows.  Then there's pens and notebooks and office supplies, and on top are a few more (so far empty) photo boxes and my few remaining wood-mount stamp sets.

All in all, I like it pretty well.  I've got the dog bed at the end of my table for whichever doggo wants to hang out with me while I work, and there's still room to add more stuff if I need to (husband says I do NOT need more stuff ever anywhere).  Pink might not have been my first choice for paint color, but it's okay.  It's a really good-sized room for me and I should quit talking about it and go make something in there :)

Cheers, y'all!


Tanya said...

I love this!! I may finally have a craft room again this fall and I absolutely cannot wait! Smart idea with the blanket... I've found a lot of things sun-damaged over the months my stuff has been near a window.
If your kiddo is anything like mine, books living in boxes is probably for the best......

CCsMom said...

Wow, Kik -- this is organization PLUS. Great job. I wonder if I'll ever have a craft room that looks anything like this!!! This is awesome. And so sweet of Lee and Larry to work on your mangled cabinets!!! So wonderful of them. Have fun in there!

Michelle said...

Such a cute space! You have a few stamps. ;) Thank you for sharing these photos with us. I love seeing creative spaces.