Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Baby Shower Projects

I blame the Olympics and Anne McCaffrey.

I had every intention of making a card today, but here it is 11:00 at night and I didn't do it.  Oops.  I'm part of a group of nerds on Facebook and they got started talking about Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern books and I was suddenly seized with a burning desire to read the books again, which I haven't read in I'm sure over ten years so it's like they're new again.  And I have lots of other things to do but it's always been hard for me to tear myself away from a book.

So anywha, here are a couple of artwork pieces I made for my sister-in-law's baby shower in January.

If you remember, the theme of the shower was Cinderella.  My awesome friend Tiana cut out the words for me and I sent her a bunch of extra cardstock so she cut out some other shapes too and sent them all back to me.  However the castle she cut out wasn't the color I wanted for this piece, so I traced it onto Pool Party cardstock and cut it out, then coated it with Iridescent Ice EP.

Same thing for the Cinderella--I traced her onto the back of some Blushing Bride glimmer paper.

And here is my army of paper mice favor boxes I made; they all have a teabag inside, herbal in the pink mice and black tea in the blue mice.

So there you go and I really should go to bed and don't let me read another chapter tonight. :)

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CCsMom said...

So, so cute!!! That was a fun time.

I am also stuck re-reading -- Stephen King trilogy -- as soon as I finished the last book, I had to go re-read the first one and I'm in the midst of the second now. PLUS I bought the mini-series 11/22/63 -- and we watched the first installment last night. VERY interesting and I DO like how they've done things. It really makes you feel like you are back in 1960 (when I was 5). It is the strangest feeling for me because I do remember those days. So I'm stuck on both.