Thursday, March 14, 2013

Japan Scrappin'

So, I'm finally getting some traction on scrapbooking this year--I'm now 6 pages into my 100-page goal for the year.  Ok, I admit, that's still kinda daunting, but hey, every little bit counts.  I have a LOOOOOOONG way to go before I'll be caught up, but then again, I kinda don't think there are any scrappers who are caught up.  I've never met one.

Anyway, my current project is an album from my parents' visit to Okinawa in 2008, since it's the one that's closest to completion (like, maybe 8 more pages to go).

This is at *least* the third layout in this book dedicated to food.  We ate a. lot. while my parents were visiting, it was kind of crazy.  The first place we took them in Okinawa?  McDonald's, of course.  Because it's funny.  I'm not 100% sure how much I like this layout, but not every one can be your favorite.  The circle accents are just because I wanted something else on there because it seemed a little plain, though I'm not sure how successful the accents are.  Somehow in my vast stamp collection, I didn't have much that I thought would go with this layout.  Hmm.  Guess that means I need more stamps...

The blue paper isn't solid cardstock, it's a teeny polka dot pattern from the long-retired Summer Picnic DSP.  Part of the reason why I have such a ridonkulously large collection of DSP is because I use it on scrapbook layouts...and I'm way behind with scrapping.

This layout is also kinda-sorta related to food.  My original plan was to stamp the lady directly on the page base cardstock, but there was a little bleached-out spot right where it woulda looked like she was sneezing something, so I did it on Very Vanilla cardstock and now it looks like my title needs to be moved up, but unfortunately I'd already stuck it down/stamped it when I switched plans for the lady.  Arg.  That's gonna bug me whenever I look at this layout.  And I can't redo it because I think those were my last two sheets of 12x12 Sage Shadow.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Since all the stamps, DSP, and several of the colors are retired, I won't include a recipe here, but I will post it on my SCS gallery if you want to take a look there.

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