Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Showcase, Part 2

Part 2 of the card showcase, so July through December.

July's pick features the fantastically-named stamp set Awesomely Artistic, which I need to use a whole lot more in 2016.  Sometimes having so many stamps is a problem ;)

July's other pick is this ax murderer card, which is quite possibly one of my favorite cards in the history of ever because of a joke I share with a friend, whom I have referred to for years as "my online friend, the ax murderer".  She thinks it's funny too.

My pick for August is this little stellar card, I love the bright colors and all the white space just seems to make it work.

September's pick is the faboolous Stella, who got sent to my friend Sarah who loves all things Halloween and even managed to have her daughter on her favorite holiday.

October's pick is this jellyfish card, just because I think it's funny.

November's pick is this beary thankful card, because I just couldn't get through an entire showcase without that Thankful Forest Friends bear.

November's other pick is this Star Wars birthday card, which I somehow neglected to sign when I gave it to my brother.  Oops.  But I was pretty proud of how Artoo turned out...maybe I should give BB-8 a try?

And to finish up the showcase, December's pick is this sparkly blue poinsettia card, which I sent to my mom because she loves sparkly and blue and all things Christmas.

Happy New Year, peeps!


CCsMom said...

Yes, and I have my sparkly blue card on display. It is gorgeous. LOVE IT. It does look just like the blue poinsettias in the store. And blue is my favorite color.

Very nice choices. I do really like the one with the white space and it does add to the impact of the card and the sentiment. Of course R2D2 is fantastic -- just wonderful. LOVE the bear card, too.

Have my Christmas tree(s) turned on this morning -- will take them down this weekend -- my 3 1/2 foot artificial tree and my ceramic one. Sqeezing the last bit of Christmas out of this season before the starkness of January. Something great did happen to me in January, though -- YOU WERE BORN. January just always seemed kind of empty after the gala that is Christmas, you know? But you made it great for me. Love you!!!

Tanya said...

They are all fantastic! Looks like it's been a very good crafting year for you! :)